Princess Beatrice: Third Most Eligible Woman

Princess Beatrice, 18 year-old princess, is a beautiful girl who loves to party and she is from one of the richest and best-known families in the world. It is not a surprise if Princess Beatrice has been recognized as one of the world’s most eligible women.

The royal princess, most recently shown in the cover of Tatler magazine, got the third spot in a F.H.M. poll. The Princess, the 18-year-old eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson and fifth in line to the throne, joined Kimberly Stewart and Carmen Electra in the recent poll.

The royal princess has her own web page on and she reveals that she likes polo, riding, skiing, bicycle riding, tennis, roller blade and golf. What is her choice of music? She likes James Blunt. Her favorite television show is Desperate Housewives. She was also spotted kissing Dave Clark, 24, a son of plastic tycoon, last January.

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