Sean Lennon Mistaken As A Daughter of Sir Paul McCartney?

Sean Lennon, 31, is used to people recognizing him because of his famous parents but one occasion really caught him off-guard. He revealed in an interview, “When I was 15, a cabdriver asked me if I was Paul McCartney’s daughter.” He added, “That really blew my mind.”

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Sean Lennon, who is currently having a tour for his latest album, “Friendly Fire”, also revealed, “I don’t have any perspective on a life without people freaking out about my parents, so I don’t know what it would be like for that not to happen.” He added, “People only have glimpses of like, you know, who I might be and I don’t think people have a real sense of what I’m like necessarily, I get the spoiled-rich-kid thing a lot and I get the serious-thing a lot, but I think people are misunderstanding me.”

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