Sean Ono Lennon Sparks Controversy After Criticizing Prince Harry

Sean Ono Lennon angered many people online after calling Prince Harry an idiot, who is suitable to be mocked.

The son of John Lennon would like to be spared from Prince Harry’s book, “Spare.” The American-British musician didn’t back down when Prince Harry’s fans were angry and pointed out that both Sean and Harry lost their famous parents when they were young. He met Prince Harry once and thought he was smart. He later changed his mind and decided Harry was an “idiot.” One story in Prince Harry’s controversial book bothered the 48-year-old musician. It is about when Prince Harry used his late mother’s favorite lip cream to help with a frostbitten s*xual organ. The musician thought this story was silly and deserved to be laughed at. He said his joke was just for fun and that he does feel sorry for the sad things Harry has been through. He still thinks the Duke of Sussex complains too much and makes silly decisions. Meanwhile, Sean insisted that he’s not jealous of the former royal, mentioning that he won an Oscar for a short film he worked on. Despite people being mad at him, he didn’t seem to mind and enjoyed the attention his comments got.

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