Tara Reid Is Not Stupid Like Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan

Tara Reid revealed she won’t get into trouble with the authorities because she isn’t “stupid” like party girls Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

The “American Pie” actress insisted she is a reformed party girl and is no longer prepared to risk her career, saying, “I think the reason I never ended up in as much trouble as Paris or Lindsay seem to is that I’m not stupid, so I’d never do a lot of the things those girls do, and I’ve always had good friends around me.”

She added, “They need to straighten up a little bit and make better investments. And they should surround themselves with better people who don’t let them get themselves in trouble. You’ll never read a story about me going out and partying when I’m supposed to be working. Nor would I show up on a set drunk or miss a day’s work – never.”