Tiger Woods’ Wife Decided To Focus On Kids

Elin Nordegren was spotted as she has been stepping out in recent days in the Orlando, Florida with her two kids, Sam and Charlie.

A source dished that Elin’s daily decisions involved on what is good for her and the kids. She has been taking turns with a nanny shuttling Sam, 2, to a private school. She also took the kids to Tiger Woods promotional office in Windermere Village on Friday. She was also spotted entering a building with Charlie in a shopping complex, which looked like a school activities club filled with boxes and toys.

Meanwhile, building work still continued at Tiger Woods’ new family mansion, which is the golfer’s lovenest for wife Elin. His lawyers dished that Tiger intends to finish the construction. The new mansion will boast a massive central two-storey house with huge windows for incredible water views and a glass lift.

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