Vince Vaughn Attended Aniston’s Birthday Bash

When Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston decided to end their relationship last December, the couple’s representatives revealed the former celebrity couple remains good friends.

Jennifer Aniston and Vincent Vaughn


Vincent Vaughn, a star of the movie, “The Break-up”, attended the celebration of 38th birthday of Jennifer Aniston. The home of Courtney Cox was the venue of the birthday party. He (Vincent) stayed for almost two hours. The other guests who attended the party were: Sandra Oh, David Spade, Patricia Arquette, and Kathy Najimy, to name a few.

Vincent Vaughn gave his utmost support to his former girlfriend at People’s Choice Award last January. They both got awards for their movie, “The Break-up”. When Vincent Vaughn accepted the award, he showed his gratitude to Jennifer Aniston and described her as “one of the great people in Hollywood.”

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