Why Amber Heard Is Furious With Elon Musk?

Amber Heard reportedly did not give permission to her former boyfriend, Elon Musk, to share her cosplay picture.

The “Aquaman” star is believed to be furious with the Tesla billionaire for sharing a cosplay photo of her while dressing up as the video game character Mercy from Overwatch. The sources added that the picture was intended to remain private after it was posted to his followers on Wednesday. According to Elon’s new biography, the actress ordered a cosplay costume after he mentioned that she reminded him of Mercy. She spent two months putting together and ordering a full-body outfit to role-play for him. Aside from being furious after Elon shared the picture, she is also said to be annoyed when the businessman even asked her several times to speak to author Walter Isaacson for the biography, which she did out of respect for him. The incident has caused controversy, with many criticizing Elon for sharing the photo without Amber’s consent.