Would Angelina Jolie Adopt For The Fourth Time?

There are claims that Angelina Jolie is planning to adopt for the fourth time.

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The 31-year-old Hollywood actress, who recently adopted a Vietnamese child, reportedly wants to adopt again. This time she wanted to adopt a girl from Chad in order to “balance the family.”
The family of Angelina Jolie includes Cambodian son Maddox, Ethiopian daughter Zahara, Vietnamese son Pax Thien and biological daughter Shiloh. A source revealed, “Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt want to make sure Zahara doesn’t feel alienated as the only black face in their family. She feels the children need a balance of faces in their life.”

Angelina Jolie allegedly wanted to adopt one-year-old girl from Oure Cassoni and asked her lawyers to begin the adoption process. The source revealed, “She is hoping to have her daughter home by the summer.”

The actress recently gave a clue that she would like to have a balanced family. She revealed, “Should you balance the races, so there’s another African person in the house for Zahara, after another Asian person in the house for Mad? We think so. Shiloh has Brad and me to look at.”

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