Wyclef Jean Tearfully Cleared Charity Wrongdoing Allegations

Wyclef Jean, who was accused of profiting from his organization Yele Haiti, tearfully denied the allegations as he stated that he has never misappropriated funds from his foundation which was started in 2005.

The 37-year-old Haitian-born rapper insisted that he absolutely did not use any of Yele’s money for personal benefits and insisted that Yele’s books are open and transparent. Hugh Locke, the president of Yele Haiti, also offered to provide past tax forms to show that the foundation has nothing to hide. Tax experts also confirmed that the foundation hasn’t done any serious wrongdoing except for a lapse of discipline in filing taxes.

It was reported that Wyclef Jean had allegedly used $410,000 from the foundation to pay for rent, production services, and his appearance at a benefit concert.

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