Yoko Ono’s Former Driver Avoids Deportation

Koral Karsan, the former driver of Yoko Ono, could leave the United States voluntarily rather than be deported after he pleaded guilty on February 16 for trying to extort money from Yoko Ono. He was arrested last December and accused of trying to blackmail Yoko Ono, the widow of the former Beatle John Lennon, for $2,000,000. He also threatened Yoko Ono that he would release embarrassing recordings and photos of her.


According to the order signed by Judge Alan Vomacka, Koral Karsan must leave the Untied States of America on April 13. He could return to Turkey without further legal proceedings. Jonathan Avirom, a lawyer, reveals that Koral Karsan has a plane ticket to Turkey for March 23.
The voluntary departure of Koral Karsan makes his re-entry into the United States less complicated than if he were deported. His voluntary departure was the end result of the agreement between Jonathan Avirom, a lawyer, and Victor Yee, Department of Homeland Security attorney.

Koral Karsan was sentenced to 60 days in jail, which was covered by the time he had already served. He was turned over to immigration officials.

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