Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Have Burmese Baby Adoption Plan

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have plans of adopting a child from Burma. They have enlisted the help of one of Burma’s leading monks to plan a trip to a local orphanage.


A close source revealed that Angelina Jolie became “increasingly despondent” about the progress she was making in helping Third World countries, and seemed desperate to help the troubled nations, saying, “Angelina feels she is barely making a dent in the suffering she sees throughout the Third World as she travels incognito to different countries as a United Nations representative.”

The source also revealed that the “Good Shepherd” actress felt that Burma would be the perfect place to adopt her next child – preferably a girl.

The source continued, “She wants to step up her action in what she calls Red Alert areas, the most seriously troubled, war-torn areas in the world. She’s in talks to go into Burma and help with students and AIDS victims who are suffering terribly.

The source added that the 32-year-old actress believed adopting another girl would balance her family, and a child from Burma would fit into its racial mix.



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  • I have supported & defended these two since their first adoption, but this is not fair. American citizens are not allowed to adopt from Burma. I would LOVE to adopt a baby from Burma–I lived there for six months and feel a strong connection to the country–but I can’t. If Brad & Angelina do, then that will be by going through the “back door.” They should therefore use this opportunity to promote changes in the adoption laws so more of us can adopt Burmese babies. Otherwise, they truly are being selfish. They would actually be doing Burma more good by donating money and using their fame to help change the situation there. And another thing–the woman Angelina adopted Mad from was arrested for baby trafficking soon after she adopted him. Mad is most likely not an orphan–and it’s Angelina’s responsibility to do something about this. Cambodia is yet another country US residents cannot adopt from–so why can’t she do something to help our situation here as well? It’s really not fair to the rest of us that the only reason she gets to adopt babies from these two countries is because she is rich and famous. Then she flaunts it and does nothing to help others do the same. By the way…US citizens can no longer adopt from Vietnam, either! ANGELINA PLEASE HELP US!