Brad Pitt and Shiloh: Secret Lunch With Jennifer Aniston?

There is a speculation that Brad Pitt and Shiloh, his biological daughter, has a meeting with Jennifer Aniston.


Of course, the publicists involved deny the existence of any plans even remotely resembling this play date for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

Sources “close to Brad” are reporting many details. A source revealed, “He’s tried before to meet with Jen, but she’s said no. This time, she asked his mom, Jane, to come with her and Jane said she would. Jane loves Jen like a daughter and thinks this will be healing for both of them.”



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  • Marni Bando

    I am sooooo happy that Brad is starting to wake up. Its about time he introduced Shiloh to Jen. Brad must get that child away from Angie Jolie. She is neglecting Shiloh and will ultimately physically and/or emotionally abuse her since she is the first of Brad’s kids. I hope they get back together but Jen must have a SuperSecure Pre-Nuptial Agreement in place if he dares flare up again. Jen is a person too and has career plans just like Angelina. She cannot and should not play baby machine for him whenever he wants. Angelina is a pig for stealing Brad away like that using Maddox as a guinea pig, Angie is the pig. Good on ya Brad; cut into her how she cut into Jen, good on ya Brad!!