Brad Pitt Angry With Jennifer Aniston Over Jibes Against Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt has reportedly let off some steam at Jennifer Aniston after the actress spoke negatively about Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt

The “Babel” actor, who is caught between Hollywood’s two most powerful women, is believed to have called up Jennifer Aniston to give her a school girl telling off about her interview with US Vogue.

Jennifer Aniston, who is the former wife of Brad Pitt, recently branded Angelina ‘uncool’ for being so open about moving in on her former husband before the divorce papers were finalized.

A source close to Angelina revealed that Brangelina were ”totally thrown” by Jen’s remarks and thought she had ”moved on…and wouldn’t want to reopen this old wound.”

Jennifer Aniston’s representative didn’t care to comment on whether the claims were true saying, ”That’s personal information…That really is no one’s business.”



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  • dur

    what is sickning is not only the way the divorce went but the fact that a marriage hits the rock. i believed when brad had a problem with his wife he should have talked it over with her and talked tk God before whom he made his wedding vows. there would have dfinetly be an answer. if indeed God answers prayers which he does. well. his being with jolie is not a way forward it’s indeed a big step backward. divorce is not the best neither is it good in any way or form
    people who are happy about this knows this is wrong. and people who are the irect or indirect cause of other peolpe’s broken home would always HAVE IT IN THEIR CONSCIENCE. EXCEPT THE CONSCIENCE IS DEAD. WHICH I HOPE IS NOT.