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NYC Cops Believe That Jon Gosselin’s Ransack Claims Are Publicity Stunt

New York City cops thought that Jon Gosselin’s ransacking claim was a publicity stunt.

Is Jon Gosselin Dating A New Woman?

Jon Gosselin is reportedly dating again as he was is dating 25-year-old Morgan Christie, originally of Greenwich, Connecticut.

Jon Gosselin’s Burglary Is Claimed To Be A Huge Publicity Stunt By Hailey Glassman’s Attorney

Anand Ahuja, who is Hailey Glassman’s attorney, claimed the recent burglary of Jon Gosselin’s apartment as well as the finger-pointing at his former girlfriend Hailey as huge publicity stunt.

Jon Gosselin’s Apartment Ransacked & Shredded Belongings

Jon Gosselin discovered his apartment had been burglarized when he returned to New York after spending Christmas in Pennsylvania.

Representative Dismissed Claims of Jon Gosselin’s Sexy Footage & Snorting

Jon Gosselin became the center of speculation that he has a sex tape and he allegedly snorted cocaine but his representative squashed the rumors and insisted that the rumors are truly false.

Jon Gosselin Accused TLC For Violating Child Labor Laws

Jon Gosselin labeled TLC as a very bad network as he accused the network for violating Pennsylvania child labor laws by failing to obtain proper permits allowing their eight kids to be filmed for the reality show.

Jon Gosselin Was Criticized For Letting Son On ATV

Jon Gosselin faced criticism from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission because he allowed his 5-year-old sextuplets to ride with him on his ATV.

Jon Gosselin’s Yoga Sessions

Jon Gosselin went to a yoga studio at a Los Angeles hotel on Nov. 5 as he tried his quest for inner peace.

Jon Gosselin Manipulated Hailey’s Abusive Claims For Money?

Jon Gosselin needs money and he would let his girlfriend Hailey to bad mouth him on television, according to a report.

Hailey Glassman Admitted She’s Brutally Honest

After her emotional declaration that dating Jon Gosselin has been difficult and painful for her, Hailey Glassman is now thanking people who supported her honesty.

Jon Gosselin & Hailey Glassman Break-up

Jon Gosselin reportedly broke up with his girlfriend Hailey Glassman as source claimed that the couple are taking a break and the split may not be permanent.

Jon Gosselin Feels Sorry For Hurting Hailey Glassman

Jon Gosselin tried to make amends with girlfriend Hailey Glassman after she called him emotionally abusive.

Will Kate Gosselin Go Back To Being A Nurse?

Kate Gosselin renewed her registration as a nurse with the Pennsylvania Department of State on Oct. 26.

Jon Gosselin Reunites With Kate’s Brother

Jon Gosselin invited Kate’s estranged brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Jodi Kreider, to his home.

Jon Gosselin Sparked Secret TV Deal Speculation

Jon Gosselin, who almost returned the money he lifted from a joint bank account, has sparked secret TV deal speculation.