Clay Aiken Splits With Label

American Idol alum Clay Aiken and his label, RCA Records, have parted ways, his representative confirmed.

Clay Aiken

Aiken’s latest album, “On My Way Here,” sold 159,000 copies in the U.S., according to Billboard. His 2003 debut album, “Measure of a Man,” sold 2.78 million copies. Billboard reported on Friday that he left the label a few months ago.

Other “American Idol” alums dropped from their labels include: Blake Lewis, Bo Bice, Katharine McPhee and Ruben Studdard.

The Idol season two runner-up finished his stint on Broadway’s Spamalot in January.



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  • LuvClay**X**LuvClayNOT

    Frankly, I wish everything would level out for Clay Aiken. I have a dull headache from the constant changes in Clay’s life and lifestyles, both positive and negative. I am not surprised at the split of Clay and RCA and suspect that each is glad to be rid of the other.
    But alas, I do have a problem with Clay’s “gay thing” and am so very disappointed in him for his deviant behavior. He had us hood-winked in so many ways for so many years in that he led us to believe he was this All American / Boy-Next-Door type – NOT. I resent that he did this ! However, I still pray that eventually all will go well in his career in the end. Maybe I am an old-fashioned girl, and close-minded, for I can no longer honor the phrase “I came for the voice, and stayed for the man” – now for me it is only “I came for the voice.” I love his voice ! Perhaps the only way we can think for the rest of the story for Clay and his career and his tremendous popularity, which for me and some other fans is now threatened by his new life style is “TIME WILL TELL” – his fans will judge his acts and behavior towards them. God help and guide us all.
    Respectfully submitted, Sharie