Daniel Radcliffe’s Muscle Troubles

Daniel Radcliffe almost fainted while tensing his six-pack for the ‘Equus’ posters.


The ‘Harry Potter’ actor recently starred in the West End play, in which he appeared n@ked on stage, and his n@ked torso was featured on the poster.

However, the explicit promos had giddy repercussions for Daniel. He said: “When we did those pictures I was tensing my muscles for about two hours – I almost fainted.”

The 17-year-old was 11 when he starred in the first ‘Harry Potter’ movie, has also pleaded with his fans to accept he has grown up and become a teenager with sexual desires.

He revealed, “I think people are shocked that I’ve had girlfriends, which I have. They think I’m a ‘Peter Pan’ figure, but I’m not – I promise you!”



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  • Kara

    I am disgusted at radcliffe degrading himself
    I throught he was britains inspiring young actor,
    not an underage porn. I cannot say anyone saw him as peter pan
    It is ok for him to have gfs, however posing in the nude is not an ok influence at his age.
    He isn’t even good looking and doesn’t even reach 5 ft 7. Inflated ego?!
    I have no respect for him.
    I’ve finished ranting.