Is Beyonce Knowles Pregnant?

A variety of reports revealed the news that Beyoncé Knowles, the star of the “Dreamgirls” movie, is pregnant with the child of the rapper Jay-Z.


The rumor of Beyoncé’s pregnancy started when Beyoncé and Jay-Z missed the recent Soul Train Awards. They did not say any reason for their absence.

It was also reported that Beyoncé Knowles appeared to have a ‘baby bump’ in a photograph last March 16.

A source revealed that Beyoncé Knowles is pregnant and her baby is due in October. The source said, “She has been trying to hide it. She doesn’t want people to make judgments on her because she is not married to Jay-Z.” The source added, “She is scared that her career will be over, and that she will not be able to take care of the baby. She is also scared about how her life will change.”

As for the reaction of Jay-Z, the source revealed, “Jay-Z is very supportive and excited. He said that knowing there is a little one on the way makes life more important.”

Did the celebrity couple planned to get married? The source revealed, “They (Beyoncé and Jay-Z) now feel they need to get married to make things right before the baby arrives.”



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  • Makayla

    it’s ok that your pregant everybody is excited people are so happy you are a beautiful and your baby is going to be too! you have nothing ti hide
    tell everybody about your baby if there going to say something don’t mind them thats not there baby so they need to shut-up . good luck have a good life with your baby and remember after you have your baby you can still be famous and sing have a great life love you bye! go spend time with your mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mshen

    If she is pregnant and is going through all of this, I really feel sorry for her. It’s a shame that someone with so much success, talent, and money would feel the need to “hide”. The thought of exchanging a personal life for continued career success when you’re already number one is so sad. And, a shotgun marriage? That glitter-glam lifestyle is just a big deception. If she was going to do this, she may as well had been another chic in the hood. Wish more of our AA role models expressed model behavior. I really don’t want to believe that she is only 26 but if she is, that makes the situation even worse. No one I know would condone a relationship with that age gap if that were me.

  • Desiree

    Beyonce dnt worry bout bein pregnant yo baby iz goin b cute u dnt have nutin 2 worry bout b blessed

  • brittny

    i think it is exciting that she is pregnant and its about time that her and jay z got married that is what everybody has been waiting for, for along time now!!! congrats 2 both of you!!!!

  • Jyall

    Yeah, that’s good. They have the money and all that, so they’ll be able to care for a child.

  • antranita

    beyonce baby is going to come out wonderful because god blesses all of his children so don’t worry about any thing well that’s what i will say the baby will have grandparents who cares for the child and then the child will have a aunt who also have a baby and most of all who god really blessed the child with that the child will have both of the parents in there life so that’s really what i wanted to say so may god bless you the father and the aunt and who god really blessed the grandparents

  • antranita

    i think beyonce baby will be a wonderful looking baby who will be blessed andthen the baby will have the grandparents in it’s life and then the baby will have a aunt who also have a baby so don’t be woory to bad queen b cause god is going to bless you wonderful like he blessed the rest of your family

  • that will be so cute if they have a child together.
    i love kids

  • it will be cute when you have your first kid beyonce knowels i love kids and i want to see your baby bump and if it is true let me see

  • your child will be cute because your cute. if it’s a boy it’s gonna be a rapper like jay’z. if it’s a girl she gonna sing like you. so don’t worry everything’s alright!!!!

  • gladys nick

    dont care what people say fellow your heart

  • keara

    its good that beyonce is having a baby because jay z is going to be a father and beyonce is going to be a mother beyonce knowles child is going to come out as beautiful as beyonce is

  • Rophina karkeh

    you are beautiful so your baby will be beautiful. you and jay-z are perfect

  • Rophina karkeh

    you and jay-z are perfect and have the money to take care of your child