Is It Over For Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie?

According to reports, the relationship of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the stars of “Mr. And Mrs. Smith”, is on the brink of collapse.


Sources revealed that their relationship has already “fallen apart”, but they are staying together for the sake of their four young kids.

A friend revealed, “They aren’t making each other happy. But they want to put on a show of togetherness for the children. Their romance has fallen apart. They’ve turned into two people staying together for the sake of their kids.”

Brad Pitt’s relationship with his former wife Jennifer Aniston is said to be a source of tension for the couple.

The former “Friends” actress has also maintained a strong relationship with Brad Pitt’s family since the divorce and his mother Jane even visited Jennifer Aniston last month.

Angelina Jolie’s demanding ways have also taken their toll.

A friend revealed, “Brad’s had enough of doing what Angie wants to do and following her around the globe. But they still have to live close to each other for the kids.”

The couple recently holidayed in France in a final attempt to salvage their romance, according to sources.

An insider continued, “They had hoped the trip would be a fresh start for them. But after a few days, they were at each other’s throats.”

The celebrity couple has already begun living separate lives. One associate revealed, “He likes to take off on his motorcycle when the strain of living with her gets too much. Angelina is worried that Brad might jut keep going one day and leave her for good”

A spokesperson for Brad Pitt has so far not commented on the reports.



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  • Miss C

    I think that brad should leave angie and go back to jen!!

  • Miss C

    Leave angie and go back to jen!!

  • Ejah

    Well it sounds nice really , but why would Jen want Brad back , she might still love him, but trust him , how could she, but then again if she loves him and he still loves her , big “if” here , I guess anything is possible. I would love to see love prevail but it would take a lot of work and forgiveness but she will never ever forget what he did to her nor should she. I think this will never happen even though I would love to see them together again.