Jennifer Aniston Afraid To Lose Gerard Butler?

Jennifer Aniston is claimed to be worried of her alleged romance with Gerard Butler will ‘cool’ now that filming has wrapped on their film.

Even they have seen looking cozy on the New York film set, both stars denied being anything more than co-stars. Still, insiders dished the scoop that Jen “is fearing that things will cool now that they’ve gone their separate ways.”

The former Friends star is now promoting new movie Love Happens, whilst Gerard is also busy pimping out Gamer.



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  • Let’s not forget

    When I read something like that, I feel “Poor Jennifer!” “Poor Gerard Butler!” Here they were having fun working together and even getting along just fine without anything more than some bantering and probably playing the paps for fun (the picture of them where he has his hand on her ass) because they both knew the paps would make more of it than there was.

    Maybe they did sleep together and that we’ll never know but it could have been a mutual understanding because they both fell like it without love being the reason for it. Maybe Jennifer just wanted to have some fun with a hot-looking stud of a man like Gerard Butler!

    I don’t think she’s wasting her time being worried their “love affair” will cool as I don’t think it was more than a friendly relationship.