Justin Bieber’s Twitter Followers Reach 9 Million

Justin Bieber has officially topped the nine million follower mark on Twitter.

Justin Bieber

The figure made the Canadian singer only the second celebrity to cross that threshold. At midday on Friday, he was about 30,000 followers beyond the significant mark. His “Baby” video has 523 million views.



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  • Caitlin

    Hey Justin! I am a HUGE fan of yours! You should see my wall with all the cute posters of you (in my room) . I use to have a “Bieber Hall Of Fame” But you got an advanced to three walls of fame Lol:) I wish I could of gone to one of your concerts. Someday I will! I follow your twitter and facebook! You do an awesome job on keeping up with your fans! Wish I could meet you one day. Love you Justin and Have a awesome Easter! Please tell everyone I said “hi”.
    Love, Caitlin:)