Kris Allen, Adam Lambert & David Cook In Good Morning, America

American Idol champs Kris Allen and David Cook, along with this season’s runner-up, Adam Lambert , teamed up to perform their biggest hits live for adoring fans in NYC on Friday as part of Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series.

Adam Lambert, Kris Allen & David Cook

David Cook was nice enough to let Kris Allen and Glambert share his spotlight.

Adam and Kris make great backup singers to David’s powerhouse performance of Fleetwood Mac’s song, Little Lies.



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  • Sarah Hill

    Adam was far better than Cook.Adam’s song was wonderful, the rest of the show…ho,hum

  • Francis

    Adam may have been the “back up” singer for “Little Lies” but he showed the other two a few things about master class vocals when he sang “Starlight”. Adam also dressed for the occasion, did not look like he was off next to bail hey and actually combed his hair. Adam, like Simon said, is on his way to be an international superstar and will leave the two Idol winners in his glittery dust.

  • Miss Kay

    Did you actually watch the concert? Less than a minute of “Little Lies” was aired. Followed by 3 solo performances.

    And the standout performance was Adam’s mostly acoustic version of “Starlight”.

  • Mia

    It was a pretty poorly arranged song for the 3 of them, but their solos were great.David and Kris are stars, but Adam is the SuperStar!

  • Babs

    Back-up singers to Cook?! i think not. i think they were being very careful not to steal Cook’s thunder. Kradam are both so humble and gracious. They could have owned the stage. But…they didn’t. Anyways, they sounded great. I’m just not a Cook fan and will not diss him. For those who are hope you enjoyed him. Adam is my fave. Kris sounded great and looked adorable. Adam is just so beautiful and sexy. And he certainly knows how to tease the girls!

  • kelli

    David Cook and his band did give a powerhouse performance. His lead guitarist, Neal Tiemann is awesome, and the vocals of his rhythm guitarist, Andy Skib, far outshined Kris and Adam.

  • Luz

    I watched the show and though Kris and David participated, Adam was the superstar! Adam sings for the fans! Kris and David cannot compete with Adam ever! Adam has such Charisma and style. Adams voice has no comparison. He does any song superbly and he is always so nice and humble. Adam deserved the Idol win because of his talent after all Idol is a singing competition and Adam is the best singer ever!