Lady Gaga Sparked Controversy Over Raw Meat Picture

Lady Gaga sparked controversy over raw meat photograph on a magazine cover.

Lady Gaga

The “Poker Face” singer wore strategically-placed hunks of raw meat in Vogue Hommes Japan for September issue. Animal rights community wasn’t amused with her magazine cover.

PETA president thought Lady Gaga did outlandish job since meat is something that one should avoid putting on or in a body.



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    Maura is in bed, listening to the radio, and just yelled out “Mom! Lady Gaga’s;s in town! We have to go find her so I can see her RIGHT NOW!”

  • Britany Fanti

    I feel about Woman Gaga precisely the way I feel about individuals who eat meat: they need to should kill the animal they intend to use. In my view, that might appropriately restrict extra (of either the gastronomic or haute couture variety).