Nanny Admits Having Affair With Jon Gosselin

Gosselin’s nanny Stephanie Santoro dished the scoop that she had a passionate affair with the Jon in the family home.

She thought Jon wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t the best she ever had. She also provided details of how Jon seduced her after asking her to give him a massage that lead to serious hot-tub romance.

In the interview with In Touch magazine, the nanny described her genuine” romance with Jon — and how it came to a bitter end.



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  • Sure, Kate has problems and she was a b**ch to John- but she seems like a sincere and excellent Mom.
    John on the other hand is an immoral, rationalizing, f**k the babysitter, wannabe, chubby, whiny, little child. And the worse thing I can say is that John is a sorry excuse for a Father; and his kids deserve much better than him.
    Kate will become a a bigger star and celebrity and John will fade away as a reviled, piglet and die penniless while mumbling his children’s names- except for a couple whose names he seems to always forget…..