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Angelina Jolie Was Spotted At Eden Superbowl With Kids

Angelina Jolie treated her kids to lunch and fun at the bowling alley on June 30 in St. Julian’s, Malta.

Angelina Jolie Visits Refugees In Lampedusa, Italy

Angelina Jolie went to Italian island of Lampedusa to mark the World Refugees Day and to meet with the migrants at the immigration center in Lampedusa, Italy on June 19.

Angelina Jolie Visits Syrian Refugee Camp In Turkey

Angelina Jolie was spotted while waving to the media after landing at Hatay Airport on June 17 in Turkey.

Angelina Jolie’s New Video For World Refugee Day

Angelina Jolie spoke out for those who can’t in her video for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Angelina Jolie’s First Louis Vuitton Ad Unveiled

Angelina Jolie, who is the new face of Louis Vuitton, is featured on her first ad for the company’s “Core Values” campaign.