Vanessa Hudgens Was Not Dumped By Disney

A representative for “High School Musical” singer-actress Vanessa Hudgens has denied a report that the 18-year-old star has been dropped from the third ‘High School Musical’ film.

Her representative revealed, “Totally untrue. It is an old rumor. OK! magazine never bothered to fact check with me but they did call Disney who said it wasn’t true, but yet OK! ran it anyway. Apparently OK! magazine was having a slow news day.”

A spokesperson for Disney simply revealed, “We are still in negotiations with all of the ‘High School Musical’ stars.”

It seems that the weekly entertainment magazine still stick to their story that Vanessa Hudgens has been dropped and will likely be replaced by Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan.

It was reported that the OK! magazine revealed, “OK! as always sticks by its reporting and the entire story.”



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