Victoria Beckham Is Expecting Her Fourth Child

Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice, is pregnant. David Beckham, her husband, already confirmed the good news when Spanish reporters saw him. David replied, “Si” (yes) to the question of the reporters on whether the couple is expecting a baby or not.

David and Victoria

The celebrity couple has been trying to have a baby again. Victoria changed her eating habits. She was trying to keep her slim figure before. Her diet includes sushi and steamed vegetables. David persuaded her to change her eating habits. When she started eating healthier product, she became pregnant.

A friend revealed “She (Victoria) and David are happier than ever at the moment.”

Victoria and David Beckham already have three sons. The celebrity couple absolutely loves it if the baby turns out to be a baby girl.



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  • Richmond

    Posh is the pretiiest among the Spice girls.

  • carmilla

    she definately is the prettiest an most sexy,david is very lucky

  • carmilla

    victoria and david congratulations.children are a blessing from god so receive them as many as he gifts them to u.