What Did Victoria Beckham Use To Keep Her Skin Young?

Victoria Beckham reportedly receive products from the skin specialist Deborah Mitchell.

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A report suggests that best friend and make-up artist Maria-Louise Featherstone recommends the brand to the wife of David Beckham. What products that the former Spice girl use to keep her young? A report claims that she usually use Ellajane wipes, the orange flower cell renewal hydrogel, the new edition cleanser, the age defiance cream and the bee venom mask in black and gold. According to Deborah, Victoria first use the age defiance cream and bee venom came along and she used that. They sent off six bottles at one time.



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  • Pat G

    I keep reading that this Deborah Mitchell gives samples of her so called wonderful products to celebs and stars and then goes on to brag that they use her products – slimy way of promoting – maybe the products are not that great as she sounds desperate to sell them off! I wouldn’t buy anything Vicki B uses on her face for sure – not a great advert.