Will Kate Middleton Wear Alexander McQueen’s Wedding Dress?

Kate Middleton will wear a gown designed by Sarah Burton from the house of Alexander McQueen for the royal wedding on April 29, according to the reports.

Kate Middleton

The design of the gown included a combined own ideas of the brunette beauty and Mrs. Burton’s quirky interpretation of high fashion. The designer was believed to be chosen for discretion afforded by her relatively low profile and alternative take on elegance.

The report wasn’t confirmed since a spokesperson for Alexander McQueen insisted that it is not true.



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  • Irene

    Kete will look amazing whatever she wears. however keep it plain Kate. in satin. with high neck at the font but go for a sensatonal back to the dress… , veil as sheer as you can find to show off that back..

  • Irene

    Kate please wear satin. it wont date like frills and lace will.. satin moves beautiful on a slim body like yours. have the dress made in two parts so that the back is pulled by the weight of the train leaving the front in the same postion without drag.. The veil should be as fine as possible with satin leaves near the bottom to give weight…Broad tapering straps to the dress or a fine sheer short sleeve.

  • Irene

    Another idea is it have the dress very simple , still satin. but either with a dropped waste or very fitted waste.. The detail should be in the very fine long veil.. coming from the shoulder height and draping down to the floor and back into a train. scalloped with gold thread detail round the edges..

  • Irene

    oops sorry I meant waist of course in above post