Zac Efron Dumps Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron were recently spotted twice in Los Angeles. It was reported that the couple are involved in a wild roller coaster relationship. When asked recently about Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron would only reply that he does not talk about his personal life with her.


It was also reported that the celebrity pair has already split. A insider revealed “Zac ended it.” The reason for the break-up is the 19-year-old actor wasn’t too happy with the nude pictures of his girlfriend began leaking over the internet.

Earlier reports had claimed that Zac Efron would stand by Vanessa Hudgens through the photos scandal but the glare of the limelight was already blinding and now it is even brighter and reporters and fans want answers.



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  • vanesa

    you guys should get back together you guys are in the same movie be nice to each other you guys have been frind’s forever don’t be like that
    vanessa you could try to take the nude pic’s off and zac be her boyfrind
    and be nice to her and vanessa you be nice to him you guys can’t do this

  • vanesa

    zac com on be sooooooooooooooooooooo nice to her OK:):):)

  • vanesa

    vanessa you don’t have to be nice becuse he is treating you like this but i think that zac has to apoligize to you

  • vanesa

    zac get together again and i think you have to say sorry

  • sexy-m16

    i think that they wasnt a good couple 2 begin wit

  • heather

    Dear Zac,

    I think your hot.!!!!!!!

  • bridgette

    Hey, zac whats up? So i heard that you dumped That is so funny she needed. Oh well you dont need her any way, i think shes ugly. I heard that, from my friends that you hated her and you never wanted 2 see her again. They said that they saw it in a magazine and they said that she needed it for what she did 2 U. But if she did what i heard she done then, i feel sorry for her because you are hott and i think your a nice guy, she just doesnt now what shes missing out on. Because i would date you if you would date me!!!LOL!!!! So i guess im going to go now because this message is already long enough. BYE ZAC***

  • *tina*

    hey:Dhello sweety:)what’s up?:)So…i’m from Macedonia,city Kicevo:)and i have to say you that you Zac & Venessa 2-gether are and 4-ever be sweety and totlay beaudiful couple in the world;)i like you:*:*mwa..i to hope that one day see you sweety and creazy Zak;):D see you!mwa—–>all the best<-------(with LOVE).....:::T&N@:::....

  • SiSi


  • becky

    zac you and vanessa belong together so now ithink your a idiot .
    yes she was a bit stupid as well ,but ithoughtyou would stay strong. oh well.
    luv becky
    ps please ask her back out

  • santia

    zac is it ture u got hit by a bus

  • ibette


  • Remy

    I don’t love there because something bad will happen to someone of them

  • diana

    love you diana


  • eric

    First of alli would dump her to because of nude pics on the net

  • shelly

    i think vanessa is just so dumb so dont even bother cuz vanessa jus tinks shes perfect and shes totally not oh and u ure jus hott PS plz meet me……..

  • shelly

    i tink vanessa is sooooo ugly and dumb cuz she tink shes perfect and shes soooo not and i mean c’mon ashley should so be datin u zac cuz u’re hot although at times u act gay and retarded but u’re sooo fine although corbin’s better than u by far i mean hellooooo he’s so built and i’m dying to meet him hes just heaven…. after d real one of course!!!!!!!!!!! well see ya!

  • rukia

    zac could do waaaaayy better.
    i wouldnt date vanessa if i found her nude pics over the web
    he made the best choice
    and i she really wanted him to see her nude she would have drove to his house and stripped for him anyways
    shes fucking famous and has the fucking money and decides to take pictures instead of just going over to his house to make a surprise visit
    soo dumbb

  • troy bonton


  • diana

    hello Im from kosova my name is ardiana and I love you vanessa hudgens and zac erfon you are beatiful and you are my life love love love love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • diana

    zac and vanessa cen I have your e-mail please

  • diana

    zac and vanessa I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU you are namber one

  • ?????

    OMG…every single one of you sounds 7 to 12 years old…you are all kind of pathetic.

  • Anna

    ZAC would NEVER dump VANESSA because he is so loyal

  • Zac Efron I am Glad you Dump Vanessa Ann Hudgens Because This will be a Change for Beth Holm to Be Your Second Girlfriend. I want the Real T Neacklace Because I have the Fake one from Wal-Mart. And the Promise Ring. I am Going to Flordia to see you. The Important Word is Love. I have a Huge Major Crush on You.

  • lizz

    shelly needs to shut her mouth man, vannessa is a nice girl and u dont do tht

  • ?????

    HI ZAC IM FROM TRINIDAD. I LUV HSM.U AN V SHOULD NEVER BREAK UP AGAIN.U 2 LOOK REALLY NICE 2GETHER. IF UR FIGHTIN SAY DIS 2 HER:’i luv ur eyes, i luv ur smile, i cherish ur ways, i adore ur style. wat can i say? ur 1 of a kind an 24/7 ur always on my mind. i luv u.’IF U SAY DAT 2 HER U MIGHT STOP FIGHTIN. LUL.

  • Shante

    Well, she had nude pictures, but then he did too. I saw them.

  • vanessa does not deserve zac hes soooooooooooooo nice and the those pictures she had of her self is horrible. zac why don’t you come after my friend lizzy.

  • Deshanie

    hey zac i think you must be again with vanessa coz she just took a photo and that’s not a big thing for yopu to dump her… plzzz i’ll beg don’t leave her you two match for real.. and your born for each othere…. just plz try to be with her through all her life through all her problems…