A Schoolboy’s Apology To Kate Middleton After Rugby Ball Incident With Prince William

The schoolboy, who accidentally hit Prince William in his “crown jewels” with a rugby ball, apologized to royal’s girlfriend Kate Middleton on January 18.

Sebastian Diedricks, a 10-year-old schoolboy, wanted to apologize to Prince William for the rugby ball incident but he never got the chance because the young prince was talking too much. Prince William was left wincing after the ball hit his groin during a visit to Eden Park stadium in Auckland, New Zealand.

Prince William landed in Auckland on January 17 to take over royal responsibilities while the Queen was busy. He wowed the onlookers in Wellington, where he opened the capital’s £36million Supreme Court building. He also attended a barbecue hosted by the country’s PM John Key, where he lent a hand with the cooking.

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