Zac Efron Would Love To Join “Hangover” Cast In Possible Sequel

Zac Efron, who was rumored to be joining the “The Hangover” film, has not signed on for the sequel but he would be interested with the project.

The “High School Musical” stud admitted that he hasn’t “got that call yet” to join the franchise but he thought that it would be amazing since the “The Hangover” cast are amazing. He also loved the cast because “they’ve got going on.”

As for the possible role of Zac in the movie, maybe he could play the younger brother of Phil Wenneck, which is a character played by Bradley Cooper. But “Office” star Ed Helms, who played Stu Price in the comedy, thought that Zac could be the next guy to jump out of the trunk of a car, which referred to Ken Jeong’s Mr. Chow in the original film.

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