Adam Lambert & Kris Allen Work With Kevin Rudolf For Debut Albums

Three alumni of ‘American Idol’ season 8, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta, have something in common for their upcoming albums, that is Kevin Rudolf’s involvement.

While Kevin’s studio session with Adam was started in July before the Idol tour was kicked off, his work with Kris will not happen until October. The songwriter/producer described Adam as cool, open, with an incredible voice that could do anything he wants. They started a song, which is sort of an updated, futuristic-rock, disco-ish thing.

Rudolf did not share details about Kris’ material but he mentioned that he did not write bubblegum pop for Allison and the producer thought that Allison is like the new Janis Joplin or Pat Beneta.

Adam Lambert’s album will be out on November 24, one week after Kris Allen brings his out. Alison’s album did not have any release date yet.