Who Add Sparkles To Lady Gaga’s Dazzling Clothes And Boots?

Lady Gaga has her own personal bedazzler to add a lot of sparkles on her fashionable items.

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Kerin Rose Gold was the bedazzler of the singer. She decorated the clothing and boots of “Poker Face” singer with a lot of shiny things such as 50,000 crystals and 15 yards of crystal mesh fabric. She described the icon as a superstar, so she wants superstar pieces. Her work attracted attention from Lady Gaga’s fashion director after Katy Perry got Gold’s shades for a Paper magazine party as well as Rihanna sported a pair during Fashion’s Night Out in 2009. A bedazzling collaboration was made since she helped design some pieces for “Alejandro” music video and other pieces such as glittering horns, a pacifier and even eyebrows that Gaga wore during concerts with Tony Bennett.

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