American Idol Finalists’ Family Affair

It’s been a long time now since the American Idol contestants left their normal lives behind and were whisked up into the whirlwind that is the show.

American Idol Finalists

So how are they maintaining a little of the comfort of home while they’re away from home?

As a minor, Allison Iraheta has her mom, Sara, for a roommate. “I have moral support,” the 17-year-old from L.A. says.

As the competition grows more intense, Adam Lambert, 27, admits, “I find myself indirectly taking a big brother role sometimes.”

Still, with three remaining male contestants, including Kris Allen, 23, all living in a mansion, “it hasn’t gotten crazy,” says Danny Gokey, 29.

The competitors are getting comfy in their home away from home: “It’s really hard to not just zone out and kind of veg out,” Adam added.

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