Angelina Jolie And Her Father Jon Voight Set To Reconcile?

Angelina Jolie has triggered reconciliation reports with her estranged father Jon Voight, after her father was spotted leaving the New York hotel where she is staying in.


The pair has barely spoken since 2002, it started when Jon Voight angered Angelina Jolie by suggesting on the television that his daughter was mentally ill.

Jon Voight tried to reconcile with his daughter ever since and admitted recently he has never met her four kids.

A recent rose-bush planting ceremony in a public park, during the tribute to his late former wife Marcheline Bertrand, was thought to be an attempt to mend the rift.

The gesture appeared to work on October 7, a grinning Voight was snapped leaving the Waldorf Astoria Hotel where Jolie, Brad Pitt and their children have made their home.

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