Angelina Jolie Couldn’t Stop Brad Pitt’s Drinking

Brad Pitt appeared to have been pretty liquored up when he first started hanging around Angelina Jolie.

There is a previous speculation that Angelina Jolie pelted Brad Pitt with a glass of red wine in France over a political debate and one report claimed that Angelina was a bit tipsy and wobbly.

But now it appears that Brad Pitt readily admits he used to get hammered when hanging around Angelina Jolie. And apparently the “Good Shepherd” actress couldn’t get the “Babel” actor off the bottle.

But according to a report, it was baby Zahara that sobered Brad Pitt up. The actor and unmarried father apparently saw the adorable little girl choking on an ice cube and felt he wasn’t in the right frame of mind to help his little toddler out of the scary situation. He says he needs to be “on top” of every critical situation when it arises. Hangovers and kids don’t mix either according to Brad Pitt.

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