Kim Kardashian Has Another Sexy Footage

Kim Kardashian has a new show with a title “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” It is a good thing because it appears that it may be a bit difficult to do so. The show also includes Kourtney and Khloe, half sisters Kendall and Kylie, mom Kris and stepfather Bruce Jenner doodling through life.

Many believe that Kim Kardashian doesn’t do enough to have a show that is based on “keeping up with her” as mainly she is famous for who she is friends with (as in Paris) who she dates (New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush) and who she sleeps with on film (Brandy’s brother Ray J) or her Playboy shoot.

It was claimed that there is another tape where Kim Kardashian is going at it and it is all on film according to a press release from Vivid Entertainment.

The entertainment company revealed, “Vivid can’t take all of the credit from Kim’s success, we can’t let our fans (and Kim’s) know that we’re not finished with her sexy escapades on tape. New footage has emerged and will soon be making its way to

It is still uncertain who is the guy involved with Kim Kardashian’s another sex tape or random guy.

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