Angelina Jolie Is Not Involved In A Steamy Affair With A Voice Coach

Angelina Jolie, who became the center of speculation of having an affair with her dialect coach, is not involved in a steamy affair after the coach for her upcoming film “Salt’ dismissed the rumors.

Howard Samuelsohn, one of the actress’ coaches for her upcoming film “Salt”, insisted that the story is total bulls**t. He also defended five other coaches’ honor when he said that he is certain that it was not a dialect coach because what they do us very discreet, if they will do stuff like that, then they would not get hired.

As for Angelina Jolie, the dialect coach had nothing but kind words when he described the actress as “sweet” and “great.” The actress was rumored that she was spotted taking more than once visits from a tall, dark-haired man over the summer while filming “Salt” when she stayed at The Waldorf-Astoria in New York.

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