Angelina Jolie Ordered Brad Pitt To Sleep On A Couch

Even on their vacation on France, the celebrity couple hot the headlines as a report indicated that Angelina attacks Brad’s drinking, partying and embarrassing weight gain.

A source dished the scoop: “Brad has been adamant that Angie spend time with the family and focus on them with as much passion and energy as she does all her projects.”

The source continued that after the celebrity couple got to France, Brad found a box of scripts that Angie had said she wanted to read, saying: “She and Brad got into a fight over it. Angie stormed out of the room and went into the bedroom.”

The outcome? The actress demanded Brad to sleep on the couch, according to the source.

The source added: “She walked away from the fight to keep the kids from witnessing it while Brad did his part to downplay the spat. He played video games with the boys all night and made breakfast for the family in the morning, including fresh grapefruit juice for Angie.”