Britney Spears’ Cooling Off & ‘Too Sexy’ Fans

In the midst of emerging engagement rumors, Britney Spears is putting her romance with her agent Jason Trawick for a rest.

On Aug. 21, the pop star headed to NYC and settled in to prepare for her three-day concert stint at Madison Square Garden. Meanwhile, her beau Jason kept himself busy on the opposite coast at West Hollywood’s Crown bar, chatting with a bevy of women.

An eyewitness dished the scoop: “He was surrounded by girls and entertaining them.”

Perhaps it is certain that Jason could not be held accountable because he and Brit are no longer romantically involved.

A source, which is close to the pop singer, revealed: “They are taking some time apart.”

A second insider said: “She told him she needed to get back on her own two feet before moving forward. Jason was disappointed, but he understood.”

The insider added: “Jason’s always loved her, [even] since the Justin Timberlake days, so he won’t let her go easily. He’s giving her space — that’s what she’s asked for.”

Meanwhile, a report indicated that some of Britney’s fans were escorted from the aisles and taken into the hallway by security guards after being told they were dancing “too provocatively” at their seats during Tuesday’s packed show at Madison Square Garden.

Sandra Ion, who is a Dramatics hair salon manager and one of the fans yanked by the guards, said: “I guess there had been a complaint from someone in our section that our dancing was too risque.

A representative for the Garden did not return a call for comment.