Brangelina’s Christmas Holiday, Brad Pitt Revealed Christmas Wish List

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt seems to talk about Jennifer Aniston in interviews even though it seems apparent that Jen would prefer to be left out of the mess that is Brangelina. There will be no stopping it now though as the Christmas holiday is but one week away and Jen may be in Missouri to celebrate.


Earlier reports have claimed that Jennifer will spend at least some time in Southern Missouri with Pitt’s parents (Bill and Jane Pitt) as they all still get along. Not included in the guest list will be Angie, Brad and the couple’s four children.

Angelina Jolie already revealed earlier this month that they would be staying in New Orleans for Christmas. Now Brad Pitt is talking Christmas wish lists and his former wife is not included. The 44-year-old actor, who recently celebrated his birthday, revealed that he wanted to get his kids the same gifts he got as a kid for Christmas.

According to a report, “Regis Philbin said Brad Pitt couldn’t stop talking about the holidays with his children.”

Regis Philbin revealed, “He’s got four kids now, so they’re going to be hopping around. He got quite nostalgic, buying them the presents that he got as a kid years ago. Well, I think trains. I didn’t pin him down.”

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