Britney Spears Bares Soul In New Song

Britney Spears has bared her soul in a new song in which she sings about her “baby boy” deserting her.


The track that has been leaked on the Internet features the singer singing a ballad over a slow beat to the sound of toy chimes.

In what appears to be a plea to former husband Kevin Federline, Britney sings: “Everyday, I’m in a daze/Looking for that someone. And everyday, I sit and kneel and pray/Oh, sweet love, can I get some? So why do you desert me, baby boy? I need your love right now!”

The song then breaks and Britney is heard on the phone saying: “Hey baby, what time you gonna get home?”

The song ends with Britney singing, “So why did you desert me, baby boy?/I thought that you, you were the one.

“So if you preferred the other one/She won’t bring you the sun.”

A source revealed, “This is obviously just a demo and not a finished or official release in any way. It is a shame someone would leak unfinished, unmastered and incomplete work.”

Britney Spears is currently facing a custody battle with her former husband for the custody of her two sons.

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