Britney Spears’ Disastrous OK! Shoot Photographer Speaks

The photographer who shot Britney Spears’ disastrous OK! photo shoot in July has decided to speak out.


Mark Lidell, the celebrity photographer revealed, “I class myself as family with Britney. We have a special understanding with each other, from doing her engagement pictures to her baby pictures. We go far back.”

On her infamous meltdown, Mark explained, “We all have our highs. We all have our lows. Paparazzi absolutely killed and ruined our day. They jumped in the backyard. They were everywhere.”

The photographer defends the singer’s bizarre actions, which reportedly included the singer had terrible mood swings. He insisted, “I think it was an overwhelming day. It was too much going on for her. And you know the sweetheart said to me in the car afterwards, ‘Mark if you want me to come back afterwards I’ll do my best and get back,’ but she had to go and finish off the music video.”

Now the photographer knows exactly what Britney Spears needs: to be left alone, saying, “It’s for her to solve her journey and really to be left alone to do that, without other people trying to pretend they know better or to interfere.”

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