Daniella Cicarelli Won ‘Sexy Footage’ Lawsuit

Daniella Cicarelli, who is a Brazilian supermodel, added to the list of celebrities with explicit tape controversies.


The famous video of Brazilian presenter having more fun than she should with her boyfriend at the beach in Spain is definitely the hot item this week.

Miguel Temprano, who is a paparazzo that shot the video, revealed that he was only 110 meters away from the couple, and that several people were passing by and still at the beach during the 3 minutes the pair spent in the water. You could see the version of the explicit tape here.

It was reported that the Brazilian supermodel was getting busy in the ocean with Tato Malzoni. She is also the former fiancé of soccer legend Ronaldo as well as an MTV Brazil host.

The video was posted it Youtube; she sued the said site for posting it and she won since the Brazilian court agreed with her.

The report indicated: “The case dragged on for several months before they filed a third suit in December requesting that YouTube be shut down as long as the video is available to users. The court honored that request on Wednesday, but legal experts say the ruling by the Brazilian court could be difficult to enforce in the United States, where YouTube is based.”

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