Duchess Kate Received A Gift From Prince William But She Was Not Impressed With It

Duchess Kate received a gift from Prince William when they were still in the courtship stage but she was not impressed with it.

The Duke of Cambridge gave a pair of binoculars to his future wife. At first, he was trying to convince himself that they are really amazing since you could be able to look very far. He wrapped the gift and kept thinking that they were really nice. Unfortunately, Duchess Kate never let him forget that. And the gift didn’t go well after asking, “They’re binoculars, what’s going on?” He admitted that he had no idea why he bought her a pair of binoculars. Meanwhile, Prince William has been featured in a special episode of Peter Crouch’s podcast, where he talked about his Heads Up campaign. The 38-year-old prince welcomed Peter, Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark to his Kensington Palace home in March. And he finished the episode through a video call earlier this month.

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