Prince Harry Reportedly Had An Outburst Over Meghan Markle’s Access of Tiara

Prince Harry was reportedly furious when the Queen’s aide couldn’t meet Meghan Markle’s sudden demand.

Prince Harry Reportedly Had An Outburst Over Meghan Markle's Access of Tiara

The 35-year-old prince was angry when Angela Kelly was not able to meet his American fiancee’s request to drop by in Buckingham Palace with her hairdresser and try on a tiara for their wedding. He was believed to use a bad language while trying to convince her to travel to London and unlock the cupboard, where the tiara is stored. The Queen’s aide told Her Majesty about the incident and the Queen scolded her grandson for being rude in a private meeting. A new biography of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex defended the couple and claimed that Prince Harry thought the incident as a huge snub of Meghan after Ms Kelly did not give her and her American hairdresser access to the Queen Mary’s tiara. Other source insisted that the Queen’s aide was not snubbing the former “Suits” star but she was just following the Palace protocol.

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