Elizabeth Hurley Was Condemned By Environmental Groups

Elizabeth Hurley, the star of the movie “Dawg”, was condemned by the environmental groups for producing the same amount of carbon emissions during her week-long wedding as the average British couple could do in a decade.


The 41-year-old actress wed the Indian businessman Arun Nayar in a series of festivities in England, India and the Maldives, which the campaigners believe emitted 200,000 kilograms (200 tons) of carbon.

As part of their wedding celebrations, the couple jetted 24 of their closest friends from England to three different Indian cities over six days.

A spokesman for UK ecology group Best Food Forward reveals, “This level of emission is utter wasteful extravagance.” He added, “We have to challenge the idea that this is something wonderful – and realize it is putting the planet in danger.”

A spokesman for Friends Of The Earth said, “Perhaps stars like Liz (Elizabeth Hurley) should think about setting a more positive example.”