Heidi Montag Denied Sparking Lauren Condrad Sexy Footage Speculation

Heidi Montag is adamant that she became a target by an internet hacker after a post appeared on her website claiming responsibility for starting a rumor about her co-star Lauren Conrad’s involvement in a sex tape scandal.

The “Hills” actress Montag insisted that a confession claiming she and fiance Spencer Pratt were responsible for fuelling rumors Conrad had made a secret sex tape was fake.

The post titled ‘The Truth’ went live on Montag’s site on the night of October 15, indicating, “Me and Spencer did spread the false rumours about Lauren’s sex tape.”

But Pratt revealed, “I don’t think (Heidi) would even know how to log in to her website. I don’t even know how to run that. They’re trying to track down whose IP (address) it was. We got Jack Bauer on it.”

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