Ja Rule’s LA Greek Deli Ad Became Viral After 50 Cent’s Comment

Ja Rule had an advertisement for an LA Greek deli called Papa Cristo, which became viral after 50 cent made a since-deleted comment such as he’ll have the 44-year-old rapper and his whole label selling gyros.

The musical pair had a feud since the ’90s. The “Ain’t It Funny” rapper defended himself by saying that he is a marketing genius and the ad is part of a promo for his recent TBS show, “Celebrity Show-Off.” He also took the small deli, which was struggling during the pandemic, to help them out with the cheesy commercial. And Papa Cristo earned a lot of free publicity since the commercial went viral and half of it is for charity [No Kid Hungry]. He also told 50 cent that they are playing chess, not checkers. Meanwhile, Ja Rule did this viral commercial on the TV show with L.A. Lakers star Dwight Howard, Bella Thorne and Bruce Willis’ daughters to name a few. And the premise of the show is to make their own TV shows within the show.

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