Hilaria Baldwin Defends Herself After Being Criticized For Having A Nanny

Hilaria Baldwin defended herself after receiving criticisms for having a nanny to help care for her kids.

The “Blind” star recently discussed this topic on an episode of the podcast “Mom School,” where she revealed that the whole nanny conversation is so interesting. She also dished the scoop that people will write and make a remark like “Ugh, she has a nanny.” She defended herself by saying that she is also working every single day and it is not fair for people to make you feel badly about that. On the reason why she hired help for her kids, she explained that it is because of how far away her and her husband’s families live. She thought that it is okay to accept help and there’s no shame of having a nanny since neither of her and husband’s family live close to them. Meanwhile, the “Mom Brain” podcast host is currently pregnant with her fifth child with Alec Baldwin. She decided to focus on the health of her growing baby instead of finding out its gender. Although she loved focusing on the gender of the baby, she will choose to be very slow with this experience and being very cautious right now. She previously experience two miscarriages only months apart.

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